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The following titles are available for purchase, sent to you as pdf files from me or mailed to you as paper copies by North Wind Books – Hancock MI. : https://north-wind-books-at-finlandia-university.myshopify.com/collections/music.

Send your customized request to <niemisto@stolaf.edu>.

All titles have been edited to contain the following parts:

• Standard Finnish septet :  E-flat soprano cornet, B-flat cornet I, B-flat cornet II, E-flat alto, B-flat tenor , B-flat baritone, BB-tuba (concert pitch Bass Clef). Our wish is that brass players will try the conical brass instrumentation, but also welcome playing by mixed wind bands.

• Additional parts provided:  Part 1 in Bb, Part 1 in C, Part 2  in C, Part 3  in C, Part 4  in F, Part 5 in Bb treble,, Part 6 in Bb treble, Part 7 in Bb treble (for bass clarinet). This should provide most parts for a standard concert band. No percussion is included, but could be added ad lib. Additional parts in other transpositions can be requested.

The music was primarily composed in the United States by Finnish immigrants, but some pieces were by Finnish composers published by the Sibelius Club, Monessen PA

These items also available in Finland  through the Finnish Wind Band Society (SPOL) website.

Prices:   “A”   $25/ 25 €,   “B”   $20/ 20 €


Astoria March (S B Lundelin) (“B”)

Comrades’ Club March  -Oscar Suojanen (“B”)

Conneaut March – J Richard Kultti (“B”)

Elomme päivät March (“B”)

Four Dances Suite (polka, waltz, humppa, tango) (“A” )

Impromptu alla Zingara (Merikanto)  Sibelius Club edition (“A”)

Internationale – Socialist anthem (“B”)

Kerensky Finnish Dance,  F. Hill  (“B”)

Maijan kanssa-  Schottische (“B”)

Mustalainen waltz (arr T Gibbens)  (“B”)

Olympiana March- Lauri Koski  (“B”)

Raatikkoon Finnish Dance (“B”)

Savo March- Lauri Koski (“B”)

Suomi Medley- O Swanson  (“A” )

Surut Sävelissä- Wainö Warvikko (concert piece)  (“A” )

Sven Dufva- overture – Hedman- Sibelius Club Edition (“A” )

Taistojen tielle (Battle Road) March  Hannes Konno  (arr T Gibbens- Red Lodge Montana Military Band edition)) (“B”)

Tribute to Hiski Saloma (“B”)

Unelma Waltz (W Syrjälä- arr T Gibbens) (“B”)

Waltz from the Snowstorm – Sviridov  (arr Denise Pesola) (“A” )

Viola Turpeinen- Tanssi Kiipilä (“B”)

Yohli Heaver Hopsikko March  -Charles Kleemola (“B”)

To obtain these pieces, contact Paul Niemisto directly (niemisto@stolaf.edu) and shipping can be arranged.