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The following titles are available for purchase, sent to you as pdf files from me or mailed to you as paper copies by North Wind Books – Hancock MI. : https://north-wind-books-at-finlandia-university.myshopify.com/collections/music,  or from me directly.

Send your customized request to <niemisto@stolaf.edu>.

All titles have been edited to contain the following parts:

• Standard Finnish septet :  E-flat soprano cornet, B-flat cornet I, B-flat cornet II, E-flat alto, B-flat tenor , B-flat baritone, BB-tuba (concert pitch Bass Clef). Our wish is that brass players will try the conical brass instrumentation, but also welcome playing by mixed wind bands.

• Additional parts provided:  Part 1 in Bb, Part 1 in C, Part 2  in C, Part 3  in C, Part 4  in F, Part 5 in Bb treble,, Part 6 in Bb treble, Part 7 in Bb treble (for bass clarinet). This should provide most parts for a standard concert band. No percussion is included, but could be added ad lib. Additional parts in other transpositions can be requested.


The “FA” (Finnish American) music was primarily composed in the United States by Finnish immigrants, but some pieces were by Finnish composers published by the Sibelius Club, Monessen PA. The “CF” (Classic Finnish) titles are mostly well known seistikko repertoire which we edited into new parts from old harder to read manuscripts. Included also are interesting discoveries of fine Finnish music that is relatively unknown, some not published.

We will share pricing quotes when you contact us. (PDF or paper, postage can be a factor)


Traditional Finnish Septet Music

Numbering       Title COMPOSER.
CF01 Aamula varhain. Järnefelt, Armas- ed Tracey Gibbens
CF02 Alkusoitto Salmin tyttö. Sivori, Emil– ed Tracey Gibbens
CF03 Barcarola. Madetoja, Leevi- ed Tracey Gibbens
CF04 Elomme päivät marssi Willgrén, Johan- ed Tracey Gibbens
CF05 Fennia Rediviva Merikanto, Oskar- ed Tracey Gibbens
CF06 Häämarssi Kuula, Toivo- ed Tracey Gibbens
CF07 Hymni Suomelle. Palmgrén, Selim- ed Tracey Gibbens
CF09 Intermezzo Madetoja, Leevi- ed Tracey Gibbens
CF10 Irja polonaise. Tuominen, Väinö- ed Tracey Gibbens
CF11 Kalevakansanlaulu. Saarenpää, Toivo -ed Tracey Gibbens
CF12 Karjalan tanssi- Konno, Hannes -ed Tracey Gibbens
CF13 Kesäilta valssi Merikanto, Oskar-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF14 Kesäyö Järnefelt, Armas-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF15 Kevätlaulu Tuominen, Väinö-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF16 Kongl. Södermansland. Regementes Marsch. Lundvall–ed Tracey Gibbens
CF17 Maalais polkka Willgrén, Johan-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF18 Mandshurian kukkuloilla. valssi Shatrov–ed Tracey Gibbens
CF19 Menuetto Tuominen, Väinö-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF20 Metsäkukkia valssi Trad–ed Tracey Gibbens
CF21 Muistoja Moskovasta Willgrén, Johan-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF22 Napuen marssi. Trad–ed Tracey Gibbens
CF23 Nuijamiesten marssi Kuula, Toivo-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF24 Porilaisten marssi Trad-Napoleonic-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF25 Potpourri of Finnish Folksongs Anon–ed Tracey Gibbens
CF27 Reppurin laulu Merikanto,Oskar-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF28 Romanssi näytelmistä “Tuukijoella” Lumme,A.A. -ed Tracey Gibbens
CF29 Säveleitä Willgrén, Johan-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF30 Scherzo Merikanto, Oskar-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF31 Soitto Kuula, Toivo-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF32 Suomen armeijän marssi 1808 sodassa Trad-Napoleonic-ed Tracey Gibbens
CF30 Swedish Wedding march Södermann–ed Tracey Gibbens
CF33 Virran rannalla. Järnefelt
CF34 Wuorella Kuula

             Finnish American Seitsikko Music


Numbering TITLE. Composer
FA01 Aeroplane March Wuorio/Lauri Koski-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA02 Comrade’s Club Suojanen, Oscar-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA-03 Conneaut March Kultti, J. -ed Tracey Gibbens
FA04 E Pluribus Unum Koski, L-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA05 Emma Valssi,  words by V. Siikaniemi. Trad–ed Tracey Gibbens
FA06 Finnish Fantasia. Koski,L. -ed Tracey Gibbens
FA07 Juhla marssi Saarenpää, Toivo-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA08 Kaivantomiehen laulu Mäkelä–ed Tracey Gibbens
FA09 Kaivanto miesten laulu Suojanen, O-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA10 Kymmenen Kymmenen  (Kivajat suite) Trad-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA11 Lydia mazurka Warvikko, Väinö-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA12 Maailman Matti Trad-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA13 Maijan kansaa sotiisi Hill, F-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA14 Mäntyharjun kansanlauluja Sivori, Emil-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA15 Memory from Astoria March Lundelin, S.B. -ed Tracey Gibbens
FA16 Morsiamenryöstö Trad. -ed Tracey Gibbens
FA17 Mustalainen valssi A la Sarasate-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA18 Nuijamiesten marssi Kuula, Toivo-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA19 Olympiana marssi Koski, Lauri-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA20 Pollari marssi Lumme, A.A. -ed Tracey Gibbens
FA21 Punainen ruusu Halonen, A-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA22 Savo March Koski, Lauri-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA23 Snake River Schottische-  (Kivajat suite) Laulumaa, Ed-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA24 Sounds of Finland marssi Warvikko, Väinö-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA25 Suomi O E Swanson–ed Tracey Gibbens
FA26 Surut Sävelissä Warvikko, Väinö-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA27 Sven Dufva Hedman, Harald-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA28 Taistojen tiellä marssi Konno, Hannes-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA29 Tribute to Hiski Salomaa. Arr Gibbens
FA30 Unelma Valssi Syrjälä, Wille -ed Tracey Gibbens
FA31 Viola Turpeinen tanssit kiipeillä Syrjäniemi-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA32 Yohly Heaver Kleemola, Charles-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA33 Kerenski Dance Trad-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA34 Raatikkoon Dance Trad-ed Tracey Gibbens
FA35 Impromptu a la Zingara Merikanto, Oskar-ed Tracey Gibbens